The tales of Danielle (my girlfriend) and Kris (myself) as we enjoy ourselves in sunny San Francisco.

So Danielle is in Seattle, and I’m here in San francisco enjoying this wonderful weather. See what happens when we are separated?  More later.

Today we spent the day in the Castro. Which if your not familiar with San Francisco is considered the place where lots of same sex couples live. (Use your own term where you prefer) We went and had breakfast (for lunch) at this place called Chow. The restaurants in the Castro really are top notch, […]

So I figured you all might be curious what my work is like. Here’s some pictures. One of the office from my desk. One of the dev area, my desk is on the bottom right. And here is my desk. Some things about my work’s office. We get lots of free food, banana’s, cashews, peanuts. […]

The Sunset on Saturday was amazing. I had to get up at 7 to take Danielle to work, so I got to see an unexpected treat. Then on Sunday, we had this picture to wake up to. And we went to see this apartment, which we really hope to get. It has an amazing view […]

This is one of our courtyard. And one of our hot tub and pool And this one is titled. What you lookin at?

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Hi Everyone! This week, we kind of buckled down and had a grueling week of eating well and searching for apartments. Our lease is up at the end of the month, and so we really need to find some place soon or else we’re going to be homeless. So we went and looked at a […]

Hey we went bike riding too! It was great, though driving through San Francisco on a bike is hectic as you dodge a lot of traffic. More Pictures.

We watched the Blue Planet series disk 1 a few nights ago, its really interesting all the weird things that are out there. Here’s some pictures.

NO KIDDING… I have THE cutest cat in the world… That’s a picture of her feet. Hi everyone! So I did get a job at DIAKADI Body. So far so good! I’m having a lot of fun there. There’s a lot of great people, and lots of opportunity for growth. I’m helping them with their […]

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