The tales of Danielle (my girlfriend) and Kris (myself) as we enjoy ourselves in sunny San Francisco.

We’ve been to Golden Gate Park before, but I just didn’t blog about it, sorry. We went again because we are looking into joining a Soccer team and they were playing on Sunday so we wanted to see what they were like. After the soccer game, we wandered through the park to see if anything […]

We were excited about going to the cool festivals going on in the city. The first one we visited was the union street festival, its in the marina which is pretty far from us, so we took a bus over there. It was super convenient as we ended up walking 2 blocks from our door […]

So it was Sunday, and we decided to have a nice breakfast. Healthy yet scrumptious. If your not quite sure what that means, think Scrambled eggs and Hashbrowns, vs Pancakes and Sausage. We decided to go to Dott’s Cafe, which was a pretty famous place from the Frommers City Guide and which we’ve never been […]

North Beach Festival Over this last weekend, we went to the North Beach Festival. I do have a few pictures from this event, but they are at home on the Camera, so you get el`zilcho. It was fun, yet super small, and pretty pedestrian. Some good blues music, pretty good food, and decent booths to […]

A few weekends ago, I went back to Seattle to help with a black belt test for my Dojo. It was a great weekend that resulted in 3 new black belts, and 2 new second degree black belts. I don’t have any pictures for you unfortunately as the class is closed, we actually lock the […]