The tales of Danielle (my girlfriend) and Kris (myself) as we enjoy ourselves in sunny San Francisco.

So it was Sunday, and we decided to have a nice breakfast. Healthy yet scrumptious. If your not quite sure what that means, think Scrambled eggs and Hashbrowns, vs Pancakes and Sausage. We decided to go to Dott’s Cafe, which was a pretty famous place from the Frommers City Guide and which we’ve never been to because there is always a line out the door.

That day we decided that the wait was worth it, so 40 minutes later we are inside at last.

Then, 10-15 minutes later, we get 2 seats at the bar.We usually don’t like to sit at the bar, but we were trying to hurry somewhere else and so we just took them.

The benefit of the bar, is that we got to sit next to these bad boys.

Those are Rocky Road bars, chock full of Marshmello and chocolate chips. We got 1 to go and it was awesome. Heavenly even.

Danielle got some hot chocolate to warm herself up.

The guy in the background of the picture to the left was the cook, he was a machine.

Anyway, I got like the special or something which was eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, the basics. Danielle got eggs with cheese mixed in, hashbrowns and apple sausage. My breakfast was decent, you can’t screw up what I had, and theres only so much you can do to make it better then what I would do at home. Yet Danielle’s was amazing. Her eggs and cheese scramble was sooo gooey and cheesy. The hashbrowns were great, perfect for pouring ketchup all over and devouring. It was possibly the best breakfast either of us had ever had.

Here’s some more pictures, with a recurring theme. (Complete strangers starring in our pictures!)

The view from the Door.

Another view from the bar.

Okay I’m ready for my close up. Ooooh look at that!


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