The tales of Danielle (my girlfriend) and Kris (myself) as we enjoy ourselves in sunny San Francisco.

We were excited about going to the cool festivals going on in the city. The first one we visited was the union street festival, its in the marina which is pretty far from us, so we took a bus over there. It was super convenient as we ended up walking 2 blocks from our door to the festival.

Here’s some pictures of the Union Street Festival, which was basically little tents full of typical festival fair, and lots of food. FOOOD YAY!

Yea, dreary day. Certainly diminishes the enjoyment.

Umm, yea. We didn’t pull our camera out much. Now that I think of it, the pictures of the north beach festival are going to be pretty simple too.

North Beach Festival

This one was pretty close, so we just walked to it. It was a much nicer day, and walking to North Beach is actually pretty pleasant.

They had a big park cordoned off for some fun, and so we went in there and hung out for a while before we headed out and enjoyed the rest of our day in peace (safe from the huge crowds).

I just HAD to have a polish.

Really that was it, sorry next time we’ll take more pictures. (Of course the next festival might be the Fulsom Street one, which might get us an NC-17 rating here, so we’ll see).

Later! Miss you all.


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