The tales of Danielle (my girlfriend) and Kris (myself) as we enjoy ourselves in sunny San Francisco.

I cant figure out why the hotel would do this, but I like it. They are there every time I walk by this Hotel, its kinda strange.

Have I posted pictures of what our place looks like all cleaned up? Well, if I did then you have to suffer a few more. Hopefully you all can see it in person one day.

Fillmore is one of the cooler places in the city. The Fillmore street runs through the Marina, then up this huge hill and gradualy slopes down through Pacific Heights, Fillmore, New Fillmore, and even Japan Town. This is the picture from the top of the hill, basically the start of it all. So you turn […]

So the weekend before last (when I wrote this, by the time I get around to posting it, it will have been atleast a month ago)¬†was the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. The event consists of kind of a warm up event on Saturday called the Dyke March (I swear! I feel bad typing that, […]

Spencer was in town for dinner last Tuesday so we went out to dinner. Here is the only picture you need.

This was a while ago, at least 3 weeks, but I got pictures for it so why not post about it? We decided on a whim to go to the Zoo, it was certainly something on our list and we didn’t have anything to do, so off we went. A few notes about the zoo […]