The tales of Danielle (my girlfriend) and Kris (myself) as we enjoy ourselves in sunny San Francisco.

Sunday night, we arrive at our new hotel, get settled in and then head on out to eat. We decide that it’s time for our steak and lobster! So off we go to find Mortons Steakhouse.

This was a bit of a hassle, because I misinterpreted the directions and we ended up going about a 1/4 of a mile in the wrong direction. Danielle wanting to look her best wore these great little shoes, but they were not comfortable at all to walk in and she ended up having to take them off and walk barefoot part of the way.

Once there, dinner was fantastic.

Morton’s has this wonderfull bread, its sweet, has a tinge of onion flavor, and is really fluffy. We knew we shouldn’t eat it, but we couldn’t stop and nearlly finished it.

I got steak of course, and Danielle got the Lobster.

We didn’t get a picture of Danielle’s lobster, but we did get a nice picture of us!

Then we went home and got ready for Disneyland the next day.

Sorry but we decided to leave our camera’s at home and just enjoy the day. That means we don’t really have any pictures for you. We did get one that one of the rides had and was emailed to us, so here ya go.

This was a really fun ride too, you drive around in this little Buzz Lightyear ship and shoot at targets with your gun. Plus this ride has literally a never ending chain of ships that people can just walk into so you don’t need to wait at all.

And that is the end of Disneyland. Sorry this is kind of a picture based blog, so I comment on what I got pictures for.

On Tuesday, we had something arranged for dinner (more on that later), but since we had nothing to do we drove around and ended up in Huntington Beach.

This is a pleasant area, which is primarily a surf city.

Lots of people out even on a Tuesday afternoon.

We hung out for a few hours, walked around their food market, and then headed back because we had an appointment at… Mid-evil Times!

Mid-evil Times is a themed event where guys are dressed up in as you would assume the mid-evil style clothes, rides on horses and does some jousting, sword fighting, and various other combative weapons.

We were on the blue team, so we got our blue crowns and cheered for our knight.

Here is the announcer, introducing our knight. He was very good at his part. He spent the whole night riling up the crowd, joking with the king, and presiding over the jousts.

The parade of pawns.

In the end our knight lost his first joust. :( The red knight, beat him, and then ended up winning the whole thing before falling to the bad guy.

The event was great, we even got a lot of food that we had to eat with our hands. Half a chicken, a rib, some garlic bread, and some dessert thingy.

This was nearly the end of our trip. We went back to the hotel, got lots of sleep and then made one more stop before our long drive back to San Francisco.

IHOP! We actually went to IHOP all 3 days in Anaheim, which seems weird, but the first day we wanted to eat really healthy. The other days, we just couldn’t get to everything that looked good on the menu, so we had to keep going back.

Well, that was the trip. I hope you all enjoyed reading about it. :)


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