The tales of Danielle (my girlfriend) and Kris (myself) as we enjoy ourselves in sunny San Francisco.

The weekend before Danielle and I went to LA, we actually went to the California State Fair. We are big fans of the state fair as it has almost everything we mutually like together. Those being: Food and Animals, along with music, things to see, places to walk, and people doing silly things. 

The california state fair is in Sacramento, which is about a 2 hour drive from San Francisco, so we got there around noon with a very warm day ahead of us. 

As is typicall for us, we wandered around, trying to see all the major attractions of the day. Though since its a state fair, the fun is spread out over several weeks so theirs a lot you miss by only hitting one day. We did get to see the animals, I even got to touch a pig’s nose, which had been a mission of Danielle’s for me for quite a while.

Oink oink! :)

This is the really great thing about the state fair. The food. This guy is making the state fair famous Cinnamon rolls. He did the whole job in about 5 minutes. The sucky part was that we saw this place at the end of the day and we were both pretty full so we didn’t get to sample them this time. This will be the primary purpose we return next year, as I want one of them suckers.

The best event at the fair was the Hypnotist. When Danielle stopped me to see the show, I was a bit frustrated as I felt like I just wanted to go. It was a long day and we still had one more stop to make before we could head home. But as the guy got going, the show got really good and I’m totally glad I stayed.

Giving a list of all the things the hypnotist did to these poor folk would be boring for me, and pointless for you. It really wouldn’t translate very well, I’m just going to encourage you to find your next state fair, and attend the same time as your regions hypnotist.  I will say though that everything your affraid of doing while being under their influence is just about true, but everyone that did these things had so much fun. 


Since we were in Sacramento anyway, we decided to stop by an area known as Old Sacramento to see what the touristy area was like. Here’s some pictures.

As you can see, its pretty true to its name as Old Sacramento. Apparently though for that weekend they had trucked in a bunch of dirt to lay over the streets, so it really added to the effect.

Then we went home, the end. 

Well. There was this one embarrassing picture of Danielle that we took but you wouldn’t want to see that would you? Oh, well then here ya go. :)



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