The tales of Danielle (my girlfriend) and Kris (myself) as we enjoy ourselves in sunny San Francisco.

To keep in shape I’ve been running here in San Francisco. Its not easy to get the motivation to do so though, so I’ve been joining running events to get motivation to be in shape. 

The latest of these events was the Endurance Challenge in San Francisco. I has several different distances, but I went the easy route and did the 10k. 

This race is a bit different then most I’ve done in the past, its a trail run, so its on hiking trails, and its has a pretty major elevation factor involved. This particular race went up 1000 ft within 3 miles, then down in about 1.5 and then general flatness to the finish. 

Thankfully San francisco is known for its massive hills, I was able to run some pretty monstorous hills before the race, which was definietly helpful as the hill wasn’t nearly as steep but it went on forever. 

I really wanted to push this race and get a good time, which I did succeed at, I finished in 55 minutes, which for me would suck on flat terrain, but for up-hill I’m sure was great. I ended up in 31st place, which I was excited about, I’ve never gotten that close to first so its a big success for me.

I don’t have pictures yet, so I’ll post them later, but I’m looking forward to signing up for my next 10k and beating that time. Obviously I’d like to get a better position as well, but for the next few months/years? I’ll focus on time and hopefully I can start thinking about winning one of these.


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